It's Time to Welcome a New Core Member!

We have extended our time of accepting applications through 2/28. To be considered, we must have on file an application, a recent assessment, and 2 references from people outside the family. We will be reviewing the applications in early March. You will hear back from us early-mid March. Please contact Teresa with any questions. 


We are beginning to accept applications to welcome a new core member to one of our homes. This is a process of discernment that takes time and there is no deadline. To help with discernment, a team of people has been put together in hopes of offering varied voices and experience to the discussion. The team will be Jane MacNeil, Maddie Kunkel, Sharon Pikula, Amanda Schappler and Teresa Hershberger. This team will put forward reports and recommendations that will be approved by Director's Circle.


We will accept applications from November 20th through January 31st. Applications can be turned in to either Mary Fox, Administrative Assistant ( or Teresa Hershberger, Residential Coordinator ( We will only review full applications. Full applications include:

  • Application for Admission

  • 2 reference forms from people outside the immediate family

  • A state assessment created with a case manager


Each applicant will receive a response from us by the end of February. 


Please direct all questions to Teresa Hershberger at